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Information Desk

Here you will find basic information about the AORN Learning Center, including a map of the entire complex that will allow you to jump quickly to each location. You'll also find an information monitor with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other helpful details.

Testing & Survey Center

A significant feature of the AORN Learning Center is a comprehensive Testing & Survey Center. This is the ideal Web-based tool for conducting pre- and post-training tests, training needs assessments, job skills analysis, and course and curriculum evaluations. System administrators and faculty can also create and administer specially designed student tests and/or employee surveys. This center even allows your organization to conduct opinion polls or customer and employee attitude surveys. The data is protected by the latest encryption technology for security, and it can be accessed from around the world with results instantly delivered to the desktop of authorized representatives.

Help Desk Center

As in any fine learning facility, you may have problems or questions about the technical operation of the center. Here you will find the latest information about technical updates. Students who have problems can get online help and assistance. Come to this location with questions about security or any other issues regarding the basic operation and functioning of the features in the AORN Learning Center. You'll find our technical and support personnel friendly and helpful.


AORN has the ability to fill this area with pictures of your facilities, employees of the month, or whatever special interests your organization might have.

Registration Office

In the Registration Office you can access the Course Catalog where you can browse various curriculums and register for classes.

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